5 Social Media Rules to Follow to Maintain Your Company’s Social Presence!

5 Social Media Rules to Follow to Maintain Your Company’s Social Presence!

Your company’s social media presence is your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always-on, connection to your audience. It not only keeps your followers and loyal customers in the know about what’s going on with your company, but it also informs new potential patrons what you’re all about. So when you want to put your best digital foot forward, there are some important social media rules you should follow.

Social media is more than just Tweets, Snaps, and Stories. It’s a connection to your customers that gets more personal than ever before; keeping that connection with your customers is a great way to keep your business at the top of its game.

Use Eye-Catching Photos for Scroll Savvy Users

A well-framed, focused, and eye-catching photo can say more to a viewer than most word-heavy posts ever could. When users are scrolling through Instagram, very rarely do they take the time to stop and tap the roses. Capturing the attention of someone has to be quick. Some techniques to consider include having a subject that takes up the entire photo. Or utilizing negative space to emphasize your subject. A photographer’s eye has never been more useful.

Show, Don’t Tell – Avoid the Dreaded “Wall of Text”

Your posts can say quite a lot if you put a lot of thought into your Tweet or Caption. But if no one is reading them, are you really saying anything? Instagram photos should include minimal text if any. That’s what the captions are for! And users are more inclined to scroll right past a text-heavy post. Going to hit that Tweet button before adding a photo? Attach a photo first! Photos and videos give your followers a visual cue and illustrate your product or company much better than a wall of text ever could.

Sponsor Posts

Sponsoring your first post can be a scary move; but in our mobile world, it’s practically a necessity! Sponsored posts on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram are extremely customizable. You can tailor the age range, gender, location, interests, and duration so that it targets the right people. Overall, you have control! Target who you want, when you want, and whenever you’d like. Keep refining the process and you’ll get more eyes on your business.

Interact with Your Audience! It’s Called Social Media for a Reason!

This is probably one of the most important social media rules to follow. Some companies are content with posting and forgetting about it. And that makes us ask, where is the love? Get the conversation going! When people comment on your posts, let them know that they’re not shouting into a void. Let them know that you hear them. Respond to comments and help your customers out with their issues. Even a little ‘like’ goes a long way. When people have someone to talk to, they’re going to keep coming back to your page. And social media platforms are always finding new ways to help promote engaging companies.

Find the Hashtag Sweet Spot!

Hashtags aren’t just another “set it and forget it” tool. Used right and they can provide to be a handy asset to your brand. Sure, you may be tempted to throw up a #tbt Instagram post every Thursday, but so are millions of other users around the world. And they’ll quickly bury your photo under a mountain of throwbacks in an instant. Instead, use the handy hashtag counting feature implemented by Twitter and Instagram to find that 75K to 400K sweet spot. Popular hashtags, but not overused to the point where they’ll quickly push your post out of sight.

Your company deserves to be seen, and those who understand social media rules can use these platforms as incredibly effective marketing tools. Television spots and billboards rely too hard on the when and where of your customers. But there’s always a guarantee that your followers will have eyes on their phones at least once during the day. When they do, you’d want those eyes drawn directly to your business.

Don’t join socials just because everyone else is doing it. Do it because they’re an invaluable asset to your company. And it’s a big step to your business becoming the best it can be.