Your On-Demand Team Campus

Gather, meet, or conference in an entire private floor tailored for your teams Perfect for remote team meetups, offsites, and training sessions

From small teams to 400 person gatherings, we have you covered!

Bring your team together at Werqwise Basecamp! Collaborate, ideate and gather in a custom tailored space for your group.

Experience hospitality at its finest with our front desk concierge, live support, visitor management, meeting rooms, lounge, amenities, and more!

12 Conference Rooms

Two Furnished Lounge Areas

2 Large Conference Rooms

2 Break Rooms

Tech Support

Visitor Management

Customized Digital Signage

Event Planning and Support

Video Conferencing Tech

Catering Assistance

Front-desk Concierge

Keycard Access

Mailing and Package Handling

Audio and Visual Equipment

Lounges and Breakrooms

24/7 Access

Fresh Coffee and Tea


Member Service

Door-to-door Delivery

Sanitization Stations

Distraction Free Areas

Daily Deep Cleaning

Private Phone Booths

No need to catch a ride, we're next door to Moscone

Just a brisk walk away, we're the perfect space for you to seamlessly attend events in the Moscone Center along with external events.