How Businesses Have Used Co-Working Spaces to Discover and Maintain Success

How Businesses Have Used Co-Working Spaces to Discover and Maintain Success

Co-working spaces are an internationally growing trend, and big businesses have taken serious notice of this relatively new phenomenon. It’s not just a freelancer’s game anymore – businesses around the world have already made some major moves in shared office spaces; and with all of the advantages, it’s no surprise they’ve become such a crucial component to their success. 

On-Call Amenities Keep More Money in Your Business

Shared working spaces have everything a business needs to keep things rolling. Renting a co-working space when meeting clients or investors is a solid money-saving alternative over a high-cost, monthly office lease, and it cuts down on time setting up. Plus included in that cost are the printers, screens, projectors and other heavy-duty equipment that may not be required constantly by flourishing companies. When a business has access to these amenities, money is saved. Budget can be more tactfully spend to help encourage growth.

Location Flexibility

Cutting the commute for their employees can have a healthy impact on a business’ expansion. Co-working offices give people an option, whether they choose the office, or the shared space, it could result in shorter travel times, which lends to better morale, and higher productivity. Shared working spaces also offer freedom and flexibility to move around, and oftentimes a much needed change of scenery. It also gives businesses proximity to different types of talent, allowing for increased flexibility and increases in business speed. In terms of space and proximity, more businesses are including co-working spaces as an option for their employees.

Improved Productivity

Co-working environments are designed to stimulate ideas. Businesses choose co-working spaces because they’re a hotbed of ambition. Shared environments create a much more relaxed atmosphere that allows you to feel more in control of your work, inspiring those that get things done, to really get things done! Co-working spaces put workers in a mental space that can be less easy to achieve from the comfort of their home, or the same assigned office, day in and day out.


One of the biggest benefits of shared working spaces is just that; they’re shared! Networking is the backbone of today’s working culture, and co-working spaces have helped businesses strengthen their networks and gain assets that they would have never gained otherwise through working isolated in a privately owned or leased office. These spaces have allowed businesses to connect with other businesses, startups, and freelancers. The sense of community can be beneficial for everyone involved, and helps businesses and employees get to know new potential opportunities face-to-face.

Co-working spaces are becoming less of a secret of the business world every day, and to companies like Microsoft, Instagram, Spotify, they are essential to maintaining their household name status.

Shared office spaces are designed to promote success, and when a business takes advantage of that design, they are discovering success in ways that are unexpected!