Self-Motivation Tips to Help You Cross the Finish Line Each and Every Work Day

Self-Motivation Tips to Help You Cross the Finish Line Each and Every Work Day

Self-motivation is an incredibly hot commodity in the working world. When you’re the only person holding yourself accountable, the pressure is far less weighing… that is until the clock starts ticking on the 11th hour of a project. The next time you really need to get something, try at least one of these methods to add a few checkmarks to your to-do list.

Keep the Show Going with a Much Needed Scenery Change

Changing your backdrop, even if it’s just for an afternoon, shatters the notion of routine and helps invigorate your drive to get things done. Working in the same office at the same desk can be a serious drain on your self-motivation, and working from home surrounds you with even more familiarity and distractions. When your surroundings change, you really do gain a whole new perspective on things. Even the quaintness of your neighborhood coffee shop can cause a rush of motivation, inspiring you to perform at your peak!

Get by with a Little Help from Your Friends

When you’re friends and family find success, gain your inspiration from them. Ask how work is doing, learn how they tackle projects, and share stories of your own. Knowing that your immediate circle of peers are dealing with similar challenges during the work day is a great motivator to keep your head in the game.

Start Small and Work Your Way Up

Sometimes productivity can be a snowball effect. Build a list and put it in order from easiest to most time consuming. With every check mark you add to that list, you’ll start noticing that you have less and less to do as your day goes on. By 3pm, once you have just one task left, you’ll be dying to get it done and out of the way. Now that’s motivation!

Or Do it the Other Way Around!

Of course, when you flip the script, tackling the most daunting task of your day first thing in the morning, means you have nothing but smooth sailing ahead. And what’s more motivating than a day full of small, easy, and manageable tasks?

“In an hour, I won’t have to do it anymore…”

Maybe the oldest trick, but it’s effective nevertheless! Nothing more motivating to get a task done than knowing that you’ll soon not have to do it! Instead of “just two more episodes,” just get started. In an hour, you’ll be able to watch those two episodes knowing that you’ll have the freedom to stretch your wings and watch more TV, go out, or do whatever you want after those episodes! Nothing sucks the fun out of a situation quite like knowing that you’ve got a pile of work waiting for you as the credits roll. 

Finding your self-motivation can be hard at times, but it’s the little changes that you can make to make sure that you can get work done so you can own the rest of your day. Stay on top of yourself, and follow these steps, and you might just find yourself actually having fun while knocking out tasks.