Fostering Relationships and Finding Your Business’ First Customers

Fostering Relationships and Finding Your Business’ First Customers

It’s almost ‘go-time’ for your business. You’ve achieved your investment goals, have a clear vision of the future, and you’re ready to make your startup the next big thing! Your next step? Finding your customers. It takes more than just a few tweets, some Google Ads, and a bit of luck. Businesses aren’t self-sustaining, and you’re going to have to be active when it comes to letting people know what you can do for them. These are just a few tips in making sure you turn curious minds into your first few customers.

Your Product Provides Solutions – Make Sure They’re Aware!

Knowing your potential customers is the first step to getting them onboard and forming a relationship. When you have a clear vision of what problems your company can solve, that’s when you know who is your target audience. When they recognize what you can do for them, it’s easy to spark a conversation and get the ball rolling.

Be Your Own Salesperson (At Least for Now)

When your company is still small and in its ready-to-boom phase, not only does being your own salesperson temper costs, but it forms a stronger relationship with your first few customers. This also allows you to gain insightful feedback if your product is adequate to your customers’ needs and allows you to plan additional features that they may want in the future. Until business ownership becomes a full-time thing, forming a close relationship with your early customers can turn them into lifelong customers.

You’ve got a network. Use it!

Don’t let the network you’ve built get away from you! Chances are, the people you’ve met along the way already know your consumer base. There’s also a good chance that they may actually be ripe to be your customer. Reach out to them as you already have a relationship! You might already be within six degrees from finding your first customers. It always helps to ask!

Leverage Your Social Media

With so many people reaching out to companies for product assistance on Twitter or Instagram, you might be able to offer an alternative solution. A friendly tip of the hat and a demonstration of what you can do might just sway them in your direction. Respond with an image or video, showing off what you can do for them and remember to always provide an experience, not sell! Being quick to respond on any social platform will let your customers and prospects know that you’re available to talk and shows that you value their business. 


When search engines crawl your website, they look for keywords to push to the front of your potential customers’ searches. Make sure your website and product descriptions (PDPs)  have the words and phrases that people are looking for. Does your product have similar terms that people use for it? Make sure you use those as well, just make sure they’re tactfully used so your website still has a natural voice to it. The more you spring up in Google searches, the more you’ll attract organic attention. And trust, your wallet will love that! 

Call to Action!

Even when your customer knows that your product or service fits exactly what they’re looking for, don’t leave them puzzled over what to do next. Your call to action is important. Give them a phone number to call, an email address to reach out to, or a link to follow. The less work and fewer clicks that your customers have to figure out themselves, the easier it’s going to be for you to start forming relationships.

Stay Friendly, Stay Personal!

In the early stages of your business’ life, once you’ve secured your first customers, it’s up to you to make them lifelong. Check-in with them when appropriate, whether it’s daily, weekly, or once a month. Send your early adopters a thank you card. When you acknowledge them for helping you out, they’re not only customers but potential associates. Who knows when their skills might come in handy for your business!

Your customers are real people with real companies with real problems. Acknowledge not just that you can help them, but that you WANT to help them can do wonders for expanding your customer base. A company that shows they care can go a long way in keeping a loyal user base. Keep your foundations strong with these concepts and you’ll be finding customers in no time!