Break Up the Grind by Boosting Morale with These Fun Suggestions

Break Up the Grind by Boosting Morale with These Fun Suggestions

It’s so easy to get carried away with the duties and responsibilities of keeping the gears of your business turning, that sometimes you won’t even notice the burn out sneaking up on you. And your team’s morale is what can make or break certain projects. Boosting morale doesn’t have to involve an epic party for the ages. In fact, it’s sometimes the smaller, more personal gestures that stand out to your employees and keep them wanting to work with you. These are just a few ideas to help keep your team’s morale at its peak.

Escape Rooms – Trapped Together in the Best Way

Team building exercises are always more fun in a relocated space. Escape rooms encourage problem solving, teamwork, and figuring out how to think outside the box – sometimes very literally. And when all of this is done under the guise of a bank heist, prison escape, or trying to find out the secrets of a mad scientist’s lab, it’s just an all-out blast for you and your team.

Go all-in on the Powerball!

Well… not your life’s savings, maybe just a lunch’s worth of tickets. But buy your team a ticket each, or have everyone chip into a pool. When you talk about what you’ll each do with your fraction of a fortune, you’d be surprised what you could learn about each other. The odds might be slightly stacked against you, but it’s all about the journey after all! The billion dollars would just be an added bonus.

Surprise Your Team with a Dessert Truck

Nothing squashes stress quite like ice cream, cookies, churros, or desserts in general! If it’s in your budget, having an ice cream truck come on by and providing sweet treats for your team just might be what they need. And if you’re feeling extra generous, schedule the frozen festivities for an hour after lunch. The one-two punch of an extended lunch along with ice cream might just earn you that World’s Greatest Boss coffee mug.

Personalize Your Rewards

As you get to know your team, take notes. Smaller gifts that have a more personal touch show that you have a genuine interest in your co-workers’ lives. And if you take the extra step and get gifts for their families, that really shows how much you pay attention. Just make sure that you’re keeping an eye out for gifts for everyone in your company.

Keep Tabs on Big Events

The Oscars, the Super Bowl, the Olympics… all of these are big events that you can use for more than just watercooler banter. If you can get the events up on the TV during work hours, it’ll serve as a fun aside throughout the day. For weekend and nighttime events, a company pool or bingo sheet will be fun to compare the next time you’re all together.

It helps to remember that running a business isn’t strictly business. It helps to recognize the signs of worker’s fatigue and to have a plan just in case your employees start to get restless. These are just a few ideas to help break up the workday and increase morale. Boosting morale can lead to high productivity, more inventive ideas, and a successful and productive operation.