Setting Up Shop! What to Keep in Mind for Your Office’s Next Location

Setting Up Shop! What to Keep in Mind for Your Office’s Next Location

Location, location location! You’ve heard it before, and even though you might be sick of it… you know it’s true! When you’re looking for a place to live, you make sure that you’re close to all the right places. And the same should go for your next (or very first!) office!

When scouting for locations, there’s a lot to keep in mind while you’re on the lookout for the perfect office. Whether it means more happy hours or quicker commute times, the location of your office is something to take into careful consideration when centralizing your company.

Why Even Consider Location in the First Place?

Whether you’re looking to cut the commute or double the amount of post-workday happy hours, the location of your business helps with both morale and productivity. When work and home are a stone’s throw from one another, you quickly forget about the stresses of traffic. And a shorter commute means more personal time by yourself or with family.

And whether it comes to lunches, mingling after hours, or you’re just looking for somewhere break away to for a few minutes, your office’s location could be the perfect motivator to push you through the final hours of the day.

Bust the Commute by Giving Your Employees Options

Squeezed in a tight car, crammed in traffic are the dreams of very few in the corporate world. But with a bit of planning, and some careful traffic pattern observation, you can figure out the best place to establish your business so that your employees spend less time stressing in their cars.

And for public commuters, know where the nearest bus stops and train stations are. Avoiding driving altogether means your co-workers can sneak in a little extra rest to and from work, or catch up on some light reading, or even their favorite series. With no need to focus on the road and more time to themselves, you’ll find yourself working with an office full of clear-minded individuals.

A Busy Office Calls for a Busy Location

When you and your team are working long hours, meeting deadlines, and making sure your product is the best on the market… you’re going to need to unwind. And with a little forward thinking and picking the right location, you’ve got options!

A choice of restaurants within walking distance makes lunch time an adventure, and going out with employees is a must for company morale. If you’ve strategized and chosen a location for decisions like these, you’ll be working with a crew who look forward to the challenges that each day presents.

Don’t Forget Your Clients!

First impressions are everything! And when you’re trying to impress an investor, client, or potential big buyer, you want to make sure that your place is easy to find and has plenty of guest parking. Finding the place should be easy and getting in shouldn’t be a hassle. If your location has a parking lot, that means no looping around, trying to find street parking. Easy in, speedy out – it makes for an all around satisfying visit that could leave both parties one meeting happier.

Could Your Neighbors Come to the Rescue?

It’s important to know the neighborhood and the businesses around you when deciding where to set up shop. Printing and mailing centers are essential when you have large quantities of outgoing mail. Do you burn through office supplies are a rate that online delivery just can’t keep up? Hardware, electronic stores, and other nearby businesses could become an unexpected day saver to your company.

And keep tabs on other companies as well. You never know what the security company two doors down could provide for your data systems, or the rental company just a few blocks away could do for a corporate event to remember. Immediate proximity to a potential partnership oftentimes results in more frequent and reliable help.

With a lot to keep in mind in picking a potential office location, you want to make sure what’s best for your business, but also your employees. Use these tips to begin your checklist, then start adding to cater to your specific business’ needs. With a little luck, you’ll settle on the perfect location that will leave your employees, clients, and you satisfied.