Should You Choose a Shared Working Space?

Should You Choose a Shared Working Space?

More and more, you’re hearing about co-working spaces and how they’re benefiting everyone from the always-moving freelancer to the multi-level corporation. It’s easy to see why, too. A shared working space offers a place to focus and encourage productivity, and so much more.

When taking into account the benefits of working in a shared space, it’s worth considering the options and making one your business’ next move.


While a central office might be key to your business’ operation, a shared working space has the benefit of being (almost) anywhere! Say you’re looking to impress a client at a meeting, but they operate across town or one or two towns over! Renting out space closer to them means less travel time for your client, more time saved on their end, and a possible win for your company!

Larger companies have also been known to strike up partnerships with chain co-working spaces. This is a major benefit when it comes to traveling. Employees can stay productive on-the-go while breaking free from the confines of their hotel room or a coffee shop.

Even freelancers can take advantage of this. Whether their work requires travel or staying local, co-working spaces offer a location outside of their home office to stay focused and make sure that they get everything done.


Having your own office might be a necessity, but with co-working spaces as a likely option in your city, a central location now might be a luxury that your company can do without. Many startups begin with remotely working employees, and if you don’t want to lock yourself into a lease that could stretch upwards of ten or more years, but that money somewhere else!

Partnering with a co-working space means office space when you need it. When you pay only for the time that you use the space, that means thousands of would-be office lease dollars spend in more lucrative ways. Whether it means providing your employees with the option to work out of their home office a few days a week, or making sure you have a place to meet with clients, if you know you won’t be needing a primary office for more than a few times a month, a shared space is something to consider!

Your Business’ Needs are Going to Change!

As your business grows and evolves, so too will its needs! Sure, that small office that’s central to everything in the city might be enticing now, but what happens in 5 years when you’re company is 20 employees too big for that space and you still have half a decade left on your contract?

Real estate needs can be fickle, and oftentimes can’t be planned for. Some months you might need a meeting space every few days. Other times, that space can go unused for weeks and costing you money for unused space. Bookable meeting spaces at co-working spaces means a smaller, more efficient central working space for your company.

If you envision your business going through a roller coaster of changes, a shared working space will help you through those transitions. It’s a reliable way to plan for the inevitable ebbs and flows that await you in the future.

Keep Your Employees Motivated

Your primary base of operations may be a great way to keep everyone in one place, but having your own office can sometimes turn your work into a grind. Co-working spaces are designed to fuel motivation. They’re designed to feel liberating and help your workers get things done.

When working independently, even for a day, in a co-working space, people tend to see things from a new angle. Working freely in a co-working space allows your employees to work at a pace that’s more natural to them. And with less pressure to get things done, you’ll see instant results in what they can accomplish.

Surroundings are Everything

One of the biggest benefits when it comes to co-working spaces are the people you work with. As you get to know the freelancers and employees around you in a shared space, the ideas really begin to flow. Roles become mutually beneficial, and you might begin to learn how your company can expand in ways you would have never begun to consider.

Surroundings on a larger scale are something to consider as well. Public transit and general accessibility are something to consider when choosing a shared working space. Are there nearby happy hours? Plenty of lunch options for going out?

Your environment plays a big role in your work drive. From the people to the places, a co-working space is designed to make sure you get things done by the end of the day.

With a specific purpose to make sure your work drive is sufficiently fueled, it’s easy to see why companies and individuals are choosing co-working spaces. They’re set up to accommodate your specific needs, have a fostering environment, and they’re motivational to no end. When you’re looking to expand your business, keep a shared office space in mind. It might just become a staple to the growth of your company!