Why Coworking and Shared Spaces Are a Better Choice Than Your Home Office

Why Coworking and Shared Spaces Are a Better Choice Than Your Home Office

You know what they say: home is where the heart is. You know what they almost never say? Home is where the work is, because really? Your home was never designed to be your office. But hey, that’s what coworking and shared offices spaces are for. You get to save your home for the things you want to do, and leave the work out of it. Don’t believe us? Here are five good reasons why coworking and shared office spaces are a better choice than your home office.

Home should be your sanctuary

Here’s one MORE thing they say: Don’t take your work home with you. You have your TV, your books, your life. You don’t need the stresses of work mixed in. Work just messes with the feng shui of the place. When you have the freedom of a flexible office space to look forward to, you can give your home office the boot, and finally invest in that massage chair you’ve been eyeballing.

Face to face with your employees

While phone calls and video chat work just fine, nothing beats a face-to-face discourse with your team. And while we know you have a lovely home, the laundry piles might not set the best precedent (don’t worry, everybody has them!!) Shared office and coworking spaces offer spacious meeting rooms, environments that actively encourage brainstorming, and everything you need to make sure your next meeting is a productive one. Plus, they have coffee. You probably do too, but when was the last time you made coffee for an entire meeting’s worth of people?

Networking, Networking, Networking!

It’s all about who you know! And when it comes to everyone within the walls of your living space, “who you know” might be limited to your cat and your roommate… maybe a goldfish. Your nearby shared office space, however, could play home to that go-getting social media freelancer that’s going to help you explode on Instagram. Or the marketing team that knows of an untapped demographic for your business. Build your network and reap the long-term rewards of coworking spaces.

Ditch the Distractions

When you work from home, you get to eat whenever you want, binge your favorite series while you work, and by the time 2 o’clock rolls around… you’ve only done about a fraction of the work you would have accomplished in an office. Flexible shared office spaces are designed to stimulate your creativity. They excite your brain without distraction. Now you can focus your energy on work, instead of that one episode that’s for sure going to end on a cliffhanger.

Cabin fever anyone?

You wake up at home. You work at home. You unwind at home. It won’t be long before you feel trapped in a world you pay rent for, and no one needs a life that bleak. Getting out of the house not only inspires your creativity, but it gives you a sense of freedom and allows you to stretch your legs. And that feeling you get when you finally get home after a long day of accomplishments? There really is nothing like it…Coworking, flexible, and shared office spaces are moving and shaking the way entrepreneurs, founders, executives and everything in-between move and shake. They’ll get you out of your house and focus on what matters: your business. If you haven’t experienced a shared office & coworking space yet, get out and give it a try. Soon you’ll be thinking of new uses for your home office far better suited to your lifestyle.