Werqwise Response

A message from Werqwise Co-founder and CEO, Alan Mackay:

Having lived through SARS in Hong Kong, senior members of the Werqwise team and I have experienced first-hand many of the challenges people and businesses face during a pandemic. We have drawn upon this knowledge to tackle the unique obstacles our community faces during this COVID-19 outbreak. We have worked hard to figure out how to combine physical health and safety with collaboration, economic security, and mental wellbeing. To further support this, the Werqwise team has been aggregating research and connecting with different thought leaders in real estate, healthcare, and academia around the world so that we can come up with the best solutions possible for this changing world of work.   

I am pleased to say that we have transformed our coworking community into the healthiest and safest work environment possible during this pandemic. We have invested in many updates throughout the space and installed cutting-edge technologies, all in an effort to provide our members with a safe, flexible, and truly world-class working environment. 

We are going the extra mile here at Werqwise, so our members can focus on what really matters: their people, their business, their work.