The Importance of Removing Distractions in the Workplace

The Importance of Removing Distractions in the Workplace

In the workplace, people are having trouble getting sh#t done. According to Fast Company, in the United States alone, over $588 billion is lost each year from the effects of workplace distractions. Distractions elevate stress levels, cause unwarranted fatigue, create work/life imbalance and, more important than any other issue, are a leading factor in people losing control over their work environment and lives. These result in unhappiness, reduced motivation, and higher turnover in addition to missed work goals.

The main distractions come in the form of sound—from noisy neighbors or unwanted guests—and visuals—from distracting scenery or people walking by workstations. They are emphasized by grid-like office layouts that promote high-traffic walkways, and transparent construction materials that reflect noise.

The open office plan is often held out as one of the causes of workplace distraction but that does not need to be the case. It is still possible to gain the efficiencies and collaboration benefits of modern office styles while reducing distractions. Companies need to change, and these are some things that can help:

– Acoustic engineering and paneling

– Floors that reduce sound reflection

– Office layouts that discourage high-traffic racetrack configurations

– Work areas that focus on different activities

– Offices designed for particular teams and their focuses

With focused design and engineering, even shared workspaces can perform better than traditional real estate. With this overarching philosophy of member and company success, Werqwise takes all of these factors and more into account when creating bespoke solutions for every member.