Seal the Deal: Things to Consider When Choosing an Office Space

Seal the Deal: Things to Consider When Choosing an Office Space

Flexible & Coworking office spaces really are revolutionizing the way people work. They’re helping companies break free of the office walls and discover new approaches to problem solving. They’re helping freelancers & entrepreneurs network and expand their work options. Simply put, flexible office space and coworking are jumpstarting the working world and changing how businesses and individuals get things done.

Now for the hard part… what do YOU want in a work space? After all, different office spaces are tailored for a multitude of different work styles, and it is crucial to find the one that matches your needs. These are just a few things to consider when deciding on a new place to call home for your business.


Let’s be honest. This is probably the first one most people would consider. After all, you’re in business to make money, right? You’re going to want to find the best coworking and office space that fits your budget. And it definitely helps to do your research. Price out a few work spaces in your area. Do they charge by the session? The hour? The month? Some might offer a discount if you book with them for an extended stay. Overall, you can’t put a price on efficiency.


Oftentimes, getting things done requires more than just a desk and a wi-fi connection. It’s the tasks that are second-nature to you that you might overlook when finding your right office space. A mail service is an absolute must when sending and receiving packages. Do they offer personal storage so you don’t have to lug ALL of your work home with you? And if the 9-5 lifestyle isn’t for you, 24/7 turnkey access is a lifesaver. The next time you’re working, take notes – it’ll give you a better idea of the office space that’s perfect for you.


It’s in the name: coworking spaces bring together hard workers who may have never met under one roof. It not only keeps gears turning, but it can expand your proverbial rolodex. Some coworking spaces encourage community growth with things like professional networking events, partnership introductions,, or an area beverages on tap after 5pm; so when you finally flip your laptop shut, happy hour is never more than a few steps away. Our recommendation: find yourself where the community will support you through the ups and downs of running, building, and maintaining a business!

Noise Levels

What keeps you focused? Does the hustle and bustle of busy entrepreneurs in the background keep you motivated? Or are you ready to tear out your hair at the slightest chair squeak? Keep this in mind! Whether you need a wide open space with lots of ‘buzz’ to keep the ideas flowing, or peace and quiet in order to stay in your own head, there’s a coworking and office space for you. Be aware the accommodations before you get settled!


Sometimes it takes more than a laptop and a cup of coffee to get things done. Maybe you’re the second monitor type. Or a standing desk is where you’re in your zone. Need a projector? A coworking space can help you out with that! Do you need video conferencing? Watch out, as some spaces do not equip their meeting rooms with video conferencing capabilities! Just make sure you know what’s necessary before booking any coworking or office workspace. Call ahead, and lock down the coworking and office space that suits your needs!


When finding an office space, the “where” of the space you choose can be a contributing factor. If you’re looking to bring your team together for a brainstorming session, picking a central location to everyone might be something to consider. Meeting a client? A location that’s close and convenient to them might help seal a few deals. Or if you’re flying solo, it never hurts to take into consideration the surrounding location. Working in an unfamiliar location might lead you to discover your new favorite lunch spot, or explore somewhere you might never have otherwise checked out on one of your breaks. Whatever the case, knowing where to go could make all the difference in your productivity!


Some people perform their best in a business like environment. Organization and order are exactly what they need to get things done throughout the day. Others prefer a more casual environment. For these people, it’s astonishing what they can do with their feet up and a seltzer water at their side. Whether you prefer white walls or a stimulating environment, check in on potential coworking spaces to see what types of experiences they offer. You never know what you discover about your own working style in the process!

Coworking spaces offer a lot to help you keep your business and career prosperous. It’s all about finding that balance to help make you, your clients, and your partners happy. Shop around, make sure you find the right coworking and office space that suits your needs. Don’t just settle, because when you find the right place, it’s gonna show in your work. And in a “work begets work” world, it’s crucial it shows!