Justin Tang • February 27, 2024

A Beginner’s Guide to Networking

How to Get Started
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Why is networking so important? Professional networking can lead to meeting new people, career development, learning opportunities, business support, and more.

Did you know? Higher salaries were linked to people with strong networking skills.

However, networking can be quite intimidating for some. From social anxiety, lack of confidence, awkwardness, lack of time, and lack of diversity. Networking can sometimes feel extremely transactional.

When it comes to professional networking, here are some tips that'll help foster genuine relationships rather than making it feel transactional.

1. Start with Who You Know

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Your friends, family, and close acquaintances knows you best.

So before reaching out to strangers, reach out to your friends, family, and close acquaintances. They can sometimes vouch for you and you'll never know who you might end up meeting with.

Even if you don't meet anyone, you could gain insights, advice, and potentially opportunities in the future (e.g. job opening) from them.

2. Be Fearless, Patient, and Persistent

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Going to your first event alone could be challenging, invite your friends or coworkers to go with you.

Don't be afraid to throw yourself out there, it might be a little intimidating and slow at first but once you start, it can snowball to something great!

Even if you don't meet anyone at your first event, you'll learn from those around you.

3. Attend Relevant Industry Events

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Finding industry relevant events around you will make your networking efforts easier, which will lead to meeting like-minded professionals and possibly investment and mentorship opportunities.

Don't just attend events, engage in conversations, share experiences and goals, listen to others, and support those you can.

During and after the event, remember to stay network and connected via social media (e.g. Linkedin).

4. Leverage Social Media

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Not everyone has a large social media following, but that's ok, we all have to start somewhere.

We recommend using Linkedin, X, and Instagram for keeping up to date on events. Tip: search #events.

For Linkedin, begin by adding your friends/family (if you haven't done so already), those with relevant job titles, the people you inspire to be, and those you want to meet.

5. Hosting an Event

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Once you have a decent amount of connections in your network and feel comfortable going to events, think about hosting your very own event.

Hire your own speakers or partner up with them.

Recommended event page to get you started? Luma

Partner up with local vendors, coworking spaces, community groups, and etc.

6. Maintain your Social Network

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Once you have built your network, don't forget to maintain your relationships.

Just as it was a challenge building your network, it's just as challenging in keeping them!

Keep in touch with your those in your network, by going to future events together, coffee chats, casual hangouts (e.g. hiking, fishing, golfing), grabbing lunch, going for drinks, chatting on socials, and more.

In Conclusion

There are many ways for networking, these top 6 tips should help you get started.

Remember: "Your Network is your Net Worth"