Five Quick LinkedIn Tricks to Get Your Company Noticed

Five Quick LinkedIn Tricks to Get Your Company Noticed

When people are looking for work, LinkedIn is the social platform of choice. While sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great for reaching out to customers, LinkedIn is a great way for you to talk about goings-on in your company, upcoming events, achievements, and other business facing practices.

To make sure your company is making as much of a splash on the business end, you’ll want to make sure that your LinkedIn page is following these quintessential steps.

Keep Your Page Updated

When you get swept up in posting, linking, and engaging, you might forget about one of your LinkedIn profile’s key aspects – your about section! It’s the first thing that many people check, and it’s important that they’re getting accurate updates.

Your company is going to grow and evolve, so make sure your about section reflects this. As you branch out, make sure to include every detail. Always appear active. It helps maintain a professional look.

Don’t just talk about what your company does, either. Your about section is a great place to briefly discuss culture, awards and accolades, and more. Keep it short, however. If you really want to get into the rumblings within your company, that’s information you can save for your LinkedIn Career Page.

Post Regularly

No matter who’s radar you’re trying to stay on, whether it be partners, clients, competitors, or job seekers, you have to stay active. When you populate your page with articles, videos, images, and other insightful posts, other companies and users know that you’re staying busy!

While this may seem obvious, some companies let their social media fall to the wayside. Give your company an online presence, and don’t forget to respond to other posts. Other users will take notice, and your company will gain valuable traction. Post at least 3 times per week, and interact, interact, interact! It’s called social media for a reason!

Build A Career Page

Your company’s career page is like an online window into the goings on of your business. When job seekers are looking for a job, they aren’t just hunting a paycheck. They’re looking for growth potential, a culture they can click with, and a company that cares about more than just profit margins. Your career page can provide all of this.

By building a LinkedIn Career Page, you can post photos and videos that give outsiders a peek into your company’s day-to-day. Customizable tabs that tout company culture, and employee perspective tabs are just some of the ways that you can showcase to potential for personal growth in your company.

Transparency is key to building trust with both current and future employees, and your LinkedIn Career Page is the perfect window into everything going on.


Be thoughtful, be insightful, and share stories! LinkedIn is a very personal social network. Asking questions is a great way to get people to speak up and create a conversation, and when people comment, their followers see it. Spark enough conversation on a regular basis, and your company will start being seen regularly, by all the right people.

Sharing stories is another great way to spark inspiration, and it humanizes your company. When people see that you’re not just about numbers and bottom lines, they take interest. From there, all it takes is a thoughtful reply. Pretty soon, you’ll have people constantly coming back to check in, and there’s nothing quite like organic online growth to help a company get noticed.

Job Listings

It’s no surprise that a social network built on establishing a professional network has become one of the top job boards in the world. Every day, companies post new job listings to LinkedIn, while thousands of hopeful new hires submit their résumés.

When you post a job to LinkedIn, it’s automatically promoted to the most qualified candidates, you can reach out to matches that LinkedIn thinks would be a good fit for the job, and you can review and reach out to other applicants who have submitted for the job.

LinkedIn’s Easy Apply feature makes applying for positions simple, should you choose to enable it. Users are able to upload their resume and submit to jobs quickly, so you can review their resumes and find the best candidate for a position while making easy on applicants.

LinkedIn is key in maintaining an online presence towards business minded individuals and organizations. Unlike the other social networks, LinkedIn lets you put your best foot forward and shine a light on what sets your company apart from an internal standpoint.

Maintaining your LinkedIn profile and keeping things updated will show just how much you care about your employees just as much as your customers. Keep your profile polished and updated, and the professional world will take notice.